Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Helpful Note from a BLOG Reader!

Thanks Anonymous!
"Love and Logci Magic 1:
I have a son who is 15 months old and he is quite a handful just like his sister (3 1/2). I was blessed with two strong-willed and determined children. Love and Logic has been a blessing for me. Take my son for example. Two instances today-1. Diaper changing is a chore. He rolls crawls and I chase. Then love and logic came. I said to him 'Oh No Colin, I am going to have to hold you still until you stop rolling.' It worked he lay back and let me change him.

Love and Logic Magic 2: Bath time. Splashing out of control having a fun time and making a mess of my bathroom. It the past, it was "stop splashing!" and he continued with a big smile on his face. Then Love and Logic- Oh No, the floor is all wet. Bath is over all done. Out you go. And screaming occurred but he knew. Next bath- amazing, no splashing
. "

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