Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Empty Streets

It seems like a dozen times during the flood reporting this spring I heard reporters standing in front of a water covered street or park say, "This is where kids should be playing ball and riding their bikes right now."
The problem is that there words are reflectibve of a memory of days gone by that has ceased to exist in the last decade. They do not reflect reality any more. How often do you see kids out playing? Streets that should be full of kids are empty. Parks are empty. It is rare to see children at the playground. I have a sneaking suspicion they are all inside playing video games, watching TV, viewing a DVD, or IMing their friends. They are not out during the day and they are not out at night. Some are out prticipating in high structured sports actvities but its becoming rare to see children just out playing.
Screen time is the biggest danger to children since polio. It's paralyzing children anf families and no one seems to be responding. Is it just me?
Love and Logic is about raising responsible kids. How will they be responsible for jobs, and work, and family if they spend that much time in front of the screen.
Rats. I love TV. Wonder if I could go a whole week without ever turning it on?
Cartoon from Gary Olsen, Higher Education: http://www.dubuque.k12.ia.us/cartoons/

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