Thursday, July 10, 2008

American Academy of Pediatrics Recommendations

The AAP recopmmends every parent complete a media history form to give them a glimpse of their child's (family'ss) media habits.

They also make 9 other recommendations to parents;107/2/423.pdf:

1. Limit children’s total media time (with entertainment media) to no more than 1 to 2 hours of
quality programming per day.
2. Remove television sets from children’s bedrooms.
3. Discourage television viewing for children younger than 2 years, and encourage more interactive activities that will promote proper brain development, such as talking, playing, singing,and reading together.
4. Monitor the shows children and adolescents areviewing. Most programs should be informational,educational, and nonviolent.
5. View television programs along with children,and discuss the content. Two recent surveys involvinga total of nearly 1500 parents found thatless than half of parents reported always watchingtelevision with their children.5,47
6. Use controversial programming as a stepping-offpoint to initiate discussions about family values,violence, sex and sexuality, and drugs.
7. Use the videocassette recorder wisely to show orrecord high-quality, educational programming forchildren.
8. Support efforts to establish comprehensive media education
programs in schools.
9. Encourage alternative entertainment for children, including reading, athletics, hobbies, and creativeplay.

Just keeping us informed as we make decisions about what happens in our homes. Jill H.

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