Friday, June 27, 2008

Words Will Never Hurt Me

New Love and Logic Book: "Words Will Never Hurt Me: Helping Kids Handle Bullying, Teasing and Put Downs" by Sally Northway Ogden

This author captured me when she noted her own personal struggle with helping kids deal with bullies. The logic of teaching kids, "If they punch you, punch them back" reminded her of a quote from Ghandi, "An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind."

The book does offer great insights and strategies for educators and parents to use. I so appreciate the wisdom of Love and Logic that focuses on helping kids solve their own problems and offfering them ideas about how to do that. Even adults have to deal with bullying and put downs sometimes so learning the skill at a young age is a trully valuable life lesson. This book will also be helpful to parents or educators working with the perpetrators of these unking behaviors.

When does a parent step in? If the situation goes way beyond simple teasing; if the situation is trully dangerous; or if the child's multiple attempts at problem solving have not worked... it might be time to get other's involved: teachers, administrators, the other parents and in extreme cases the police.

You can find this book at, $17.95 in paperback.

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