Thursday, May 21, 2009

Safe in the Car

Mark and Theresa's Story (from the archive)

(Skill used: Strategic Training Sessions, taught in Module 5 of Becoming a Love and Logic Parent.)

My husband, Mark, our daughter, and I were traveling through St. Louis on our way home from the airport. Our daughter decided to protest that we did not securely strap her teddy bear into the extra car seat. She protested by taking off her seat belt. I was horrified but I calmly said, "Please put your seat belt back on. We are travelling on a busy interstate and you are not safe." She put on her seat belt.

When we arrived home my husband and I knew we had to come up with a plan to teach her never to unlatch her car seat again. It took us 2 hours to discuss many scenarios before we came up with something. We decided one-by one to to "run 10 minute errands" telling her, "We would love to take you but we can't because we are so fearful that you will not be safe because you might not stay securely fastened in your car seat."

Our "errands" consisted of trips to McDonald's and to the home of our daughter's best friend. She was upset when she could not go along with me and could not see her best friend. When I returned from my errand, her daddy started an activity with her and then announced that he needed to go pick up a gallon of milk and would stop on the way home to pick up some McDonaldland cookies. Both my daughter (and I) were even more upset when he returned home with the empty Cookie bag.

She learned her lesson. The next time we drove somewhere, we arrived at our destination and she excitedly announced, "Mommy, Daddy, I am safe!" as she pointed to her fastened seat belt.

Note: Mark and Theresa did not ruin their strategic plan by using anger, lecturing or explaining.

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