Monday, June 9, 2008

A Dinner Challenge Conquered...

Love and Logic: Try Using Enforceable Statements

I care a lot about how hard parents are trying and the challenges they face. I love the great tools (like Love and Logic) that are out there but I also know from experience how tough it's been sometimes. The parents I work with have some great success stories to tell and I have some of my own. I hope others will tell their's as well. But this blog is all about inviting you to experiment with some new tools to see if they can work for you.

Experiment #1: Enforceable statements say what you will do not what your child must do. You can't for example force a child to eat. You can control when you will provide food. Don't get scared... here's an example.

Challenge: Jill M. is a mom who took a Love and Logic class. Her 3 year old daughter "sat" well at dinner but never wanted to "eat" well. Then an hour later she wanted chips or popcorn and would throw a fit if she didn't get it.

Solution: Jill M. writes: Recently we were eating dinner. My daughter, 3, did not like it. She said she was done. I looked at my husband and then said to her, "That's fine, but we won't be eating again until breakfast." She sat down and looked back and forth between me and my husband. She slowly began to eat her food as we ignored her for a few minutes.. Then she said, "If you love this dinner, raise your hand!" She raised her hand and finished her dinner, no questions asked. "

Note: The hard part, as always, is sticking to your guns. Sometimes the contact and support we give one another can help us give each other backbone!

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